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Turf and Microbials: A Superintendent's Application Guide to En-Turf

Updated: Apr 12

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En-Turf is a science-based microbial inoculant that enhances turf health and resilience against heat, drought, and other environmental stressors. Its flexible application allows superintendents to tailor treatments based on different turf areas' specific needs, stress levels, and current management schedules. This article provides a quick overview of how to apply En-Turf.

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Quick Introduction to En-Turf

En-Turf stands out in the turf management industry as a live microbial product specifically designed by scientists to enhance turf resilience and nutrient uptake, which, over time, establishes a uniform and rich turf grass. 

When applied, it doesn't just sit on the surface; it migrates into the plant via the blades, stems, and roots. En-Turf establishes a thriving population of beneficial microbes that will continuously release biomolecules to ensure turf health, resilience, and long-term sustainability, distinguishing En-Turf from other products that offer more temporary solutions.

En-Turf Application Made Easy

Applying En-Turf is straightforward and designed to integrate your existing turf management routines efficiently. The key to En-Turf's success lies in maintaining a consistent population of beneficial microbes across your greens, achieved through regular applications throughout the growing season.

1. Preparation

  • Easy Mixing: It’s easy because En-Turf is very soluble in water. Simply mix En-Turf with water to homogenize the contents, ensuring the beneficial bacteria are evenly distributed. 

  • Mixing Sequence: Add water to the tank first, then mix En-Turf.

  • Targeted Dilution: En-Turf can be diluted up to a ratio of 1:300 (recommended) with water. This can be adjusted depending on your tank volume and spray rate. For more details on your specific treatment plan, please contact an En-Turf Specialist.


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2. En-Turf Application Guide

Here is a quick guide considering the stress factors of different turf areas. Please note that these are recommendations based on our success with current clients; however, we highly recommend that you connect with our specialists to determine what works best for your turf.

Stress Condition



Initial Application Frequency

Ongoing Application Frequency

High Stress 

(fungal, high traffic, salinity, drought)

Greens, Short Game

2 liters/acre

5-6 applications per acre for the first 2 months

1 application per acre every 6 weeks or as needed

Lower Stress

Fairways, Tee Boxes, Driving Range

2 liters/acre

3 applications per acre for the first 2 months

1 application per acre every 6 weeks or as needed

Dosage: The total dose (2 liters/acre) is essential for all areas. Greens or areas experiencing high stress will need more frequent application for the first 2 months, ensuring these vulnerable sections receive the comprehensive benefits of En-Turf's microbial action.

In contrast, areas under less stress can be effective with less frequent application, providing a flexible approach to turf management that conserves resources while maintaining turf quality.

Frequency: With the suggested two applications per month, a sufficient inoculation of the area is covered. The product's formulation ensures that beneficial microbes establish a sustainable presence in the turfgrass.

Quick Application: Applying En-Turf during the early morning or late afternoon hours, when the turf is wet, ensures maximum microbe mobility, absorption, and effectiveness. The product is designed to work within your current watering and maintenance schedules, reducing the need for extra work​​

3. Safety and Handling

No Special PPE Required

En-Turf's formulation requires no special personal protective equipment (PPE) for application, streamlining the process and ensuring safety for your maintenance team. As with other materials for maintenance, safety glasses are recommended. This ease of use does not compromise its effectiveness, allowing for a straightforward application that respects both your team's well-being and your time.

Flexible Application 

The nature of En-Turf allows for flexible application, including the ability to overspray without concern for a negative impact on your course. This flexibility is crucial for comprehensive coverage and ensures that all areas of your course, especially those under stress, receive the necessary treatment for optimal health.

In instances where you have excess product, En-Turf's safe and beneficial formulation means it can be applied to areas of the course that may require additional attention, effectively utilizing every last drop. This approach not only maximizes the product's value but also contributes to a more targeted and effective turf management strategy.


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By customizing the amount of En-Turf applied based on the specific needs of each area, superintendents can ensure every inch of their course benefits from the microbes' activity, such as enhanced resilience, improved nutrient uptake, and sustained health, and visual uniformity. Embracing En-Turf means adopting an innovative product created by scientists, which offers resilience and sustainability to golf courses. 


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